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beachsunset_webMy mentor Rich Schefren advised me at the start or my journey with him to imagine a perfect day but with one caveat. This must be a normal perfect day, no meeting the queen or your childhood idol on this most perfect of days.

The question of course reveals what your idea of a perfect day or even in fact a perfect life is, you know the one you are working so hard online to achieve?

To others you may already have their idea of a perfect life but you know, or at least your mind thinks far differently.

Your perception of your situation is often far more different from the one that actually exists, you are looking at it from your own unique angle coloured by your internal prejudices and expectations. These are all too often formed from your exaggerated perception of  what your family and peers expect you to be. With all of this going on internally, it is no surprise that you do not appreciate just how wonderful your life truly is.

This problem of perception is a common one and this is one thing that I struggled with as a child, you see the mental illnesses of Anorexia and Bulimia are nothing to do with how physically fat you are, they are based solely upon how you fat you perceive yourself or a body part to be!

I was not a fat child but I tried obsessive exercising, starving and post gorge high fibre solutions. I cannot tell you how long this lasted for, as it slowly creeps into your life and becomes all consuming until someone close to you finally lets you know just how abnormal your life has become. Thankfully for me this was down to my girlfriend at the time and with my secret revealed I was able to stop this stupidity in its tracks and cease hyper focussing on a certain part of my body.

With this in mind I want you to take a look at your life, have a chat with your family and friends and plan a path forwards that you can all see will work for you.

It is all to easy to become obsessed with one style of marketing that although is really powerful will not work for you because of who you are. I spent time over a 3 year period trying to get Traffic Exchange marketing to work, this involves a lot of network marketing skills combined with obsessive amounts of tracking and testing. I know the basics of tracking and testing and I took a look at network marketing and did not like what I saw, again my perception of this market based upon my expectations.

Thus I turned to Rich Schefren as I knew I was lacking in business knowledge and after undertaking an internal analysis test, I identified with his help my core skills and passions. This is the primary reason I stopped using Traffic Exchanges and started to re-focus on media creation and editing, 2 skills I have without thought used since I was a child of 12.

These are now at the heart of my marketing and you should do the same with your core skills.

However I will leave you with the following question to help get you started making those life changing decisions.

Do you appreciate just how wonderful your life is?

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So what's your excuse again?

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