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sleeping-dog-web_sxc_jaimoToday I never got up until 1pm.

I will reveal the full explanation as we progress through this post but that decision was made because I felt there was little point in getting up.

Now you will be glad to hear, I do not consider myself to be afflicted with depression or any other such like negative illness nor is this a post about giving up, that is not in my nature.

Rather I saw the truth in the following famous quote

‘How’s that working for you?’

Todays decision was based upon the choices and actions I took yesterday.

Yesterday, I travelled to London to dine and chat with a random selection of people who either operate online businesses or have a desire to do so.

I made the choice to travel by train and whilst doing so read several articles on my cell phone, this was all fine and dandy but with the journey lasting over  a couple of hours, I needed to read something that would help me move forwards both in life and business.

Thankfully I use an task manager called Remember the Milk, one of my tasks is a reading list. This comprises books others have advised me to read and ones that previous books I have read introduced.

So I chose a book and started to read.

During any meeting of minds the question of what you do inevitably arises, this is where I discovered one of my fundamental issues as I delivered the answer.tree-hugging-web_sxc_lumix2004

‘the positive mind niche….but I am not into all that tree hugging nonsense’

The response to that answer was one of confusion as much of this niche is centered on equivalents to tree hugging, affirmations being the most obvious example. Thus my answer did not answer the question but being polite they left it at that.

You see affirmations are all fine and great but unless they lead to action they are pointless and can only lead to frustration and disappointment. Take this as an example, for my 40th birthday I wanted to get a tattoo on my wrist of the grim reaper, why?

My attitude to life is quite simple you are alive and free to live your life in your own way but we all need to remember that death in all of its many forms is always walking by our side, waiting for us to slip up and make a fateful bad decision. This may sound morbid but its actually very liberating, as it allows you to focus on what’s important and put aside inappropriate thrill seeking.

As I look at my wrist I can see that tattoo yet thankfully I never got it done.

What you can envisage with your mind is far more powerful than what you can physically see.

So as I awoke this morning I decided to remain where I was and there was a very good reason for this.

The book I selected on the train was delivered via Amazon Kindle to my cell phone and called ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ by T Harv Eker.

One of the many great lessons for me in this book was to finally nail my answer to the question I had fumbled the day before. My area of interest is and has always been in mind management, re-taking control of my mind and helping you to the same whilst developing a life you can be proud of.

In other words helping others and myself to finally say goodbye forever to the pitytrain.

Of course to ensure that remains the case then we need to be honest in our answer to the quote above and change ourselves accordingly.

This is why I recommend you do as I have done and start to develop yourself each and every day, the read list in the sidebar contains the books I have read and recommend you do also.

The book by Mr. Eker is the type of book I love, a healthy balance of ‘The Why’ and ‘The How’

Once you understand your why then you can work on the how to escape your former life and answer that quote with the response, Just fine actually!

So how are your plans working out for you?

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So what's your excuse again?

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  1. “…affirmations are all fine and great but unless they lead to action they are pointless and can only lead to frustration and disappointment.”

    True. There’s so much “positive thinking” stuff out there that we forget about the importance of “positive action”. I think that by keeping our mind focused on positive things in general leads to more positive action but could it also be true that positive action leads to positive thinking? Sort of a “What came first, the Chicken or the egg?” Question.

    A great book that I think compliments the importance of habitually positive action is “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. It covers the importance of little actions done repeatedly.
    Aaron Black recently posted..Controlling Your CreditMy Profile

    1. Well Hello Aaron, thanks for the comment. You are the second person to recommend “The Slight Edge” to me, I will definitely have to add that to my Kindle list.

      You are of course right about the link between positive thoughts and actions…as an example, it’s only once we start our morning exercise routine that we feel the mental uplift that comes from doing what we know is good for us.
      Dr Sniffle recently posted..Join the Gratitude PartyMy Profile

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