Your Inner Smile


Beauty they say comes from within.

You can of course like a catwalk model create an outward beauty using the skills of your dedicated makeup resources.

However I find catwalk models to be unattractive despite all the fashion business hype centered around them.

Now to be fair to them they exist to perform a specific task which is acting as a mobile mannequin.

They are there, to display the designers clothes to the industry buyers and critics, allowing their inner smile to shine through would only detract from this task.

In the real world your inner glow, or lack off, will always betray the outward appearance you have crafted with the cosmetics and forced smiles.

There was a lady, older than me and not particularly glamorous that worked in the local corner shop where I used to live. Yet despite her outward appearance, I was drawn towards her.

Her inner smile shone bright and strong.

This inner smile is the only true reflection of whether you like her are living a life of abundance.

Once you love yourself and most crucially the situation you currently find yourself in, your inner smile will  begin to radiate outwards.

Now you will begin to have your share of the ‘luck’ you saw others experience and opportunities you never envisaged could come true will start to present themselves.

Is your inner smile, a flickering candle or a raging fire

Photo of igor Griffiths

So what's your excuse again?

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