Category: The Happy Mind

Giving Permission

As you may already know Alan Watts asked “What is it that you desire” and with that simple question he set you on your way. A journey of self discovery and exploration which was both scary and exciting at the same time. However even if you were able to reveal the answer to this question […]

Are You Concerned?

What is your passion? What is it that make you jump for joy, spin in frustration or even explode in emotional outbursts. In what way apart from jumping for joy does this benefit you? The referee cannot hear your opinions neither can those television judges, so why do you provide your advice. Of course releasing […]

Your Inner Smile

Beauty they say comes from within. You can of course like a catwalk model create an outward beauty using the skills of your dedicated makeup resources. However I find catwalk models to be unattractive despite all the fashion business hype centered around them. Now to be fair to them they exist to perform a specific […]

Join the Gratitude Party

In our very busy lives, it is all too easy to forget what we have in our lives and just how far we have transformed ourselves. Having just completed a 7 hour drive to attend my sisters wedding, I sit here writing this on my cell phone. This in itself is a fact to be […]

Getting Unstuck

Even if you have decided to remain upon the pitytrain, I hope you now are aware of this decision. The only reason you became aware that you were aboard the train was that you felt there was something more, far too many never even reach that stage, or if they did they baulked at the […]

Stoking Your Fire

Can I ask you a simple question? If you have been a traveller on the pitytrain for a period longer than you would have preferred, how many travelling companions have you bid farewell to with a shared promise to ‘see you later’. Perhaps many more than you would have liked would be my guess. If […]

Stop That and You Shut it

How should you conduct yourself in life? There are plenty of people prepared to give you advice, guidance and commandments on this, heck this post is lining up to give you more of the same. The problem of course is that all this advice, guidance and commandments ignore one crucial factor, the fact that you […]

A Recipe for Failure

If you listen to any successful persons interview there is one constant theme to their message, it is one that they passionately wish you to absorb. They are now living a life that not so long ago only existed as a cherished vision in their mind and within their path to success, their message to […]

Are Ex-Smokers Crazy?

If you want to change your life you have to change your life which is a pretty obvious statement but if you ask someone why they are struggling with their goals, all too often its is down to them missing the point of this statement. So why may you consider smokers to be crazy? Although […]

Leaving Your Baggage Behind

Life on the Pity train is good. You have everything you need, that is if you are happy to live in the present and never consider a better life for you or your dependants, in fact this life is pretty much perfect until you consider the direction the pity train is taking you in. If […]