Category: Removing Self Doubt

Your Wonderful life

My mentor Rich Schefren advised me at the start or my journey with him to imagine a perfect day but with one caveat. This must be a normal perfect day, no meeting the queen or your childhood idol on this most perfect of days. The question of course reveals what your idea of a perfect […]

The Truth of Procrastination

You will have heard about the ratio of failure to success when it comes to Internet marketing and perhaps you see this as a reason to join the pitytrain and never achieve your dreams. However having talked to many marketers and listened to interviews with top musicians there is an important point you need to […]

Beige to the Core

Are you too scared to say what you really feel? Is it because you might upset someone and that would never do. In this world where we are all supposed to be so much more connected the reality is that we have never been lonelier. Filled with self doubt about our own identities, we fear […]