So who is Dr Sniffle?

Although Dr Sniffle started out as a joke on Facebook thanks to my friend Jouvan Johnson, he has now become my path to fuller self understanding.

My name is igor Griffiths and I am on a journey of working out who and what I am, hopefully you will find my musings useful.

Having ignored my life plan in 1993 and set out on an alternative course that ultimately ended 20 years later in divorce. I now have to pick up the pieces and restart my journey with myself in full control and no longer traveling as a passenger.

Dr Sniffle and Myself

We both hate to be around people who willingly travel through life on the pity train, I may have been their fellow passenger for far too long but I have always been upbeat about my situation, some would say maddeningly so at times.

Why was I on the pity train then?

Because I refused to take control of my life and became a compliant piece of flotsam moved around by the situation I found myself in rather than taking control of my life and my situation.

Yes life does throw spanners into your plans and dreams but often the journey is far richer and enjoyable for these diversions as long as you are traveling consciously.

Ultimately your life and whatever you want from it will be far more enjoyable if you take the time to see the opportunity in every situation you find yourself in.

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