Was I Mistaken

gickr- animated-bullseyeSo congratulations for finally putting all those pity train excuses behind you and finally taking action, feels great doesn’t it.

You have your product out there and now it is time to start the marketing process.

Time to join the community of active marketers, there is nothing worse for a marketer than to attend an event like the London Lunch which I did recently and admit you have nothing going on.

You now have something going on and it is time to stand up and be proud of that, whether it sells or not is irrelevant at this point.


You have left the pity train and that is a landmark day in your marketing career.

With a product to promote you can now become an active marketer, remember the purpose of marketing is to generate interest in the offer.

However is this all my mistake.

Am I speaking to the right person, did you actually get that product created and leave the carriages of the pity train?

If not then please do not delay for you may not realise but as the train rumbles on, the doors to leave actually get stiffer and harder to open until eventually you give up and accept that you are destined to always travel on the pity train.

Please do not make this mistake, forget perfection just do what is good enough with perhaps an extra surprise thrown in if you have that available but never allow that surprise to stop the release of your solution.

Of course with one product released that solves a problem for your target audience, you return to your product creation folder and notice that the balance is still all wrong.

Your active section has this new product but under development are far more products.

Time to make a decision

Are these pipe dreams or actual products that will interest your target audience enough to convert into sales and income for yourself?

That is the only test you need to apply to your solutions.

Would something need this enough to pay for this, heck would you pay for this if you had that problem

But lets return to my product folder to illustrate what I mean, it is divided as described above with active products and many more under development.

Thus I have been grading these into saleable and gifts, the key is to just get them out there.

Saleable will be presented in a shop I am considering or dedicated site and the gifts can go to email subscribers or Facebook pages

Remember you activity does not have to be perfect it just has to be good enough.

That is the reason I have stopped comparing shopping carts and have now plumped for the one that meets my needs, whether it is the best or not is unclear but it is good enough to make my saleable products available for those that need them.

Was I mistaken, have I been talking to someone who has yet to leave the pity train?

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So what's your excuse again?

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