Tree Huggers You Got it Wrong

tree-hugging-web_sxc_lumix2004When you make the decision to leave the pity train but crucially allow that decision to be made by your sub-conscious, the entire world around you changes.

Thanks to the connections you make online you may actually be pushed into a position where you have no option but to allow this transformation to commence.

As an engineer and devout anti tree hugger I have never allowed myself to begin this transformation at a sub-conscious level. Now if you have never heard of the term tree hugger, I am referring to the mantra chanting positive thinkers which enforces the stereotype that many hold of them.

The problem with tree huggers is that they actually stand in your way by cluttering your mind with their messages, to begin you need to empty your conscious mind of all noise and allow the screams from your sub-conscious to be heard.

Once you allow this to happen beautiful things will start to occur and a whole world of clarity will appear before you.

If you do not believe this then consider my previous week.

My friend Phil Henderson on the death of his PC, experienced sweet clarity from not having a computer to procrastinate in front of., thankfully he shared this with his email subscribers of which I am one. His point was to only be on your computer when you need to be and spend the rest of the time developing yourself and your business.

As I trust and respect Phil, I did as he suggested.

How the next step happened has been lost to history but I found myself on a self-hypnosis site and took their clarity of thought audio free offer, this was the start of my beautiful transformation.

The next set of hypnosis audio I purchased  was the attracting money set which included one based around the king of tree hugging books “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. However this time my conscious mind had finally accepted there was something to be gained from listening to the inner voice and I now have a copy of this book.

Fast forward a few days and I found myself on Facebook, Sally Neill who I have interviewed recommended what was clearly a tree hugging post in one of her updates and because of my new state of mind, I took the opportunity to read this post which you can do here

==> The Complete Guide to Not Giving a Fuck

This post actually killed an idea I had for this site which was just as well for it was a very bad idea and breached the entire philosophy of that post.

There was to be a Wailing Wall category for guest posts, a safe place where people could vent their non discriminatory spleen on any topic. Venting your spleen is what you should be doing everyday and creating a private area to do this just perpetuates the blandness that is persuasive in modern day life.

Your goal in life is to create a decision in those around you, they can either love or hate you but you should never just allow them to like you, another reason for hating Facebook’s liking a page, oh please stop begging and do something special on the page first.

When I was 17, I became a demi-vegetarian which is the term used in the Leith Cook book to describe vegetarians who eat fish, I only did this as I was living with a vegetarian and this term is absolute nonsense and only serves to placate the idiots!

You are either a vegetarian and eat plants or you are an omnivore and will eat carrots-web_sxc_berenikaanything that provides the sustenance you seek. During this time, much to the amusement of my family and the discomfort of my partner at the time and myself, my gran kept suggesting salmon-in-hand-web_sxc_kirilddother meat types that we should try. If you ever become a vegetarian you will get the same response from people around you and whilst you smile on the outside, inside you really want to cry out, “are you some sort of idiot, this is what a vegetable looks like and that is the form of meat you suggest, grrrrrrrrrrrr”.

Of course we don’t and we allow them to think the fault is ours not theirs.

This mind set of going with the flow is poison to your dreams and aspirations, you need to tell it how you see it and if that creates enemies then so be it, better to have an enemy than a sycophant which is another point to make. In marketing we are told to only speak to the lowest common denominator, use simple words for simple people.

Your goal and aspiration should be to raise the game for those around you and part of this is by using your natural language to create a divide between those that wish to empower themselves and those that are happy to remain on the pity train.

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So what's your excuse again?

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