The Truth of Procrastination

our dysfunctional marketing familyYou will have heard about the ratio of failure to success when it comes to Internet marketing and perhaps you see this as a reason to join the pitytrain and never achieve your dreams.

However having talked to many marketers and listened to interviews with top musicians there is an important point you need to know.

They are not out to destroy you.

Mick Jagger during an interview spoke fondly about the friendly rivalry between The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and other bands of the early 70’s. He enjoyed getting one over the other bands with a hit single or sold out tour however when it came to socialising this was all put to one side. Off stage the music industry is one big family and of course not all of them get on.

With marketers this is equally true.

Even though the formula for marketing is super simple there is enough imagination and thus possibilities in the world to ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for you and them to achieve success.

For this to become true for you, it is essential that  the skills and strengths that are unique to you are applied in your marketing. This will ensure you create products that are unique and perhaps even allow you to get one over the other marketers.

However if you are currently one of the 95% then you will procrastinate and find reasons to avoid creating content and engaging in this friendly competition with other marketers. The common perception is that it is down to the fear of failure, this is the obvious reason perhaps but really there is a much deeper problem.

Do you suffer from this?

I know I have and still do when it comes to certain activities.You see, marketing is one big happy, dysfunctional family and when it comes to failure you can always try again by taking another approach but what happens if your worst fear comes true?

Deep down perhaps like me you fear rejection by your peers, after all why would they engage with you, the unsuccessful marketer who is no where near their level?

Do any of these apply?

  • You do not create content, just in case you you get negative feedback
  • On Social media sites, you dare not follow your peers in case they ignore your request
  • There are no interview products in your portfolio, as you think no one would give you their time

I believe for you, it is the fear of rejection that is holding you back, I assume this because that is the real reason I have been far too cautious online. Failure for me is not a problem as I have pretty much got that one licked.

But putting our hopes and fears in the hands of others, now that truly is something to be scared of.

Until you really know yourself and admit these fears to yourself, you will always find ways to procrastinate and avoiding any type of failure will become your daily routine but not your real problem. If this is still not clear, click here to watch a video that may help

So how well do you know yourself?

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So what's your excuse again?

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