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phone-dialtype-web_sxc_satedaFirst off lets clear up a little point about last weeks post, the image I know was not brilliant but unfortunately as that post was written and posted from my cell phone, I did not have a great library of images to choose from however my lack of preparation is not a valid reason.

If you know you may do a task then it makes sense to prepare the foundations for success thus I will be adding my media collection to my dropbox account. If you do not have an account there then I recommend that you do because it will allow you to keep your important files up to date wherever you are and on any device you use that supports their system. In fact you could even give away free gifts in your public folder and yours is waiting for you in my public dropbox folder.

The point of this is that there is no excuse for you to remain on the pitytrain as there is always a solution whether it is technical or social based, there is no reason for you to remain wherever you would rather not be.

The only excuse is that deep down you are scared of what your life could become.

I am guilty of this and it is only when you get a mentor that can breakthrough your barriers and get you to overcome these fears that you will be ready to leave the pitytrain and become the person you dreamed you could be.

Of course one way to avoid this breakthrough to success is to keep yourself busy doing unproductive activities.

Last week I actually paid close attention to an episode of the Apprentice with Lord Sugar because it struck right at what marketing is, unfortunately both teams really did not understand what marketing was.

The task was to increase awareness in English sparkling wine, with the emphasis on it being a rival to Champagne which in essence is just a sparkling wine.

One team gave their bottle a French name, the other focussed on ‘tasting horrible’ with a really bad video that portrayed English sparkling wine as some sort of joke option.

Needless to say Lord Sugar and the English Wine industry representatives were less than impressed.

Marketing is about making your solution become the obvious choice and in front of mind when the customer is ready to buy. In other words, your marketing should be for the right target, at the right time and in the right place, if you get this right then price is not a factor.

The marketing challenge was to encourage the British public to accept that England has a real home grown success story of high quality sparkling wines of consistent flavour that should be considered on par with their French counterparts.

Unfortunately both teams failed in this challenge to varying degrees

Another great example of this is the plumber in the yellow pages.

A parent is at home with their children when suddenly a pipe bursts, luckily they know where the stop cock is and thus avoid flooding the house however they are going to at some point need a drink and pay a visit to the toilet! Therefore the pressure is on, they need a solution right now and although browsing the Internet maybe an option, the yellow pages is the fastest option.

With the pages flying past, they are looking for the right solution to their problem, namely an emergency plumber and that is where the plumbers advertising preparation comes in. They understand there are 2 types of plumbing customers, project planners and emergency cases which are both mentioned and serviced with their yellow pages entry, therefore this plumber is offering a solution to the right target at the right time in the right place and this parent needs a solution regardless of cost.

Thus the marketing has succeeded and they get the call.

Returning back to you and me, my mentor Sterling Valentine broke marketing down quite simply, any task that you do should be on one of the following:

  • Leads
  • Sales

If you are focussing on anything else then you are keeping yourself busy to ensure you never have to leave your comfort zone unless of course you wish to try a bottle or two of English Sparkling Wine.

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So what's your excuse again?

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