The meaning of life

Time to ThinkOr rather the meaning of your life.

If you lack real purpose in your life then what ultimately is your reason for doing anything.

This lack of purpose is a harmful way of thinking and because its infectious all too rapidly it colors every decision you make.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been in free fall, without a plan to guide me, as I determine my answers.

Without a plan, I was free to do what ever came to mind, eat the easy option and generally live a life without purpose. Of course in the short term the effects can be masked by our modernist short term pattern of thinking, its feels great to live without rules but without them we have no control over the destination.

I know several people who have taken this route, some are recovering; others are sharing their experience and unfortunately there are some who reached their final destination.

We all want to develop a life we can be proud of but that takes effort and this is exactly what popular culture discourages.

So we keep pushing forwards doing what we have always done, feeling too busy to set aside time to answer the hardest of questions.

Your hardest question

What is it that you desire?


Alan Watts – What if money were no object- from Marjoleijn Felius on Vimeo.


I have listened to this many times and never really got down to determining my answer because I failed to appreciate the significance of its natural following question.

How would you really enjoy spending your life?

Now I guess you are familiar with the perfect day exercise which helps you answer both these questions however all too often during the design of our most perfect day we cast aside what we desire to spend our days doing.

The reason for this is simple

As Alan Watts said so eloquently, we are trained to believe that money comes first and our desires can be acquired via this soulless cash.

As all successful people tell us the exact opposite is true.

Money cannot buy happiness rather it only serves to mask inner sadness.

Finding Your Desire

Thus its essential that we set aside time to discover ourselves and our answers.

There is of course a well worn quote from Delphi regarding this but I will refrain.

So how do you discover yourself?

Try meditation, now before you dismiss this out of hand, consider what meditation really is.

A method of gaining clarity of thought, exactly what we are looking for.

If you put to one side all the stereotypical nonsense that far too many associate with meditation, you will quickly realize its benefits.

The first step is to remove as many distractions as possible to allow your inner voice to be heard.

I commute to work and this dead time is filled with random noise coming through the airwaves and from the mental chaos created by competing with my fellow commuters.

This was all so counter productive and so I adjusted the way I drive to a more meditative style.

I ceased treating others as competitors, allowing them to race past without thought or resentment and lastly I switched off the radio.

The result was that my mind could now calm down and hear all those inner contemplations and develop them into answers I could use to find my answer to that hardest of questions.

What do I desire.

Of course I still have to allow part of my brain to drive the car, so a more complete option is to find a quiet spot and allow your entire mind to focus on those inner thoughts. That of course means putting aside some live time for this planning but the rewards for this will soon become apparent.

Once you have identified what you truly desire then your meaning of life will become crystal clear and its now just a matter of aligning your daily activity in harmony with that long term purpose.

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So what's your excuse again?

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