The Law of Attraction? How about ‘The Law of Action’

endless possibilitiesI’ll bet you know about the Law of Attraction, right? This is a supposed law of the universe that brings whatever you want to you – merely by wishing for it.

It sounds outlandish, but there are videos with new age music full of people giving their personal testimonials. Each story goes like this: ‘I really wanted something and then BOOM! It happened!’

It certainly happened for all the people selling Law of Attraction products online. They made the promise that it works and BOOM! Sales happened for them.

But there’s a huge missing ingredient in the Law of Attraction and that’s taking action. Nothing happens without action. If just wishing for things made them so, we’d all be fit, wealthy, in love with our soul mates, and there’s be world peace to boot.

The Secret… of Taking Action

If you want to lose 10 kilos and have a flat stomach, it’s much easier to wish for it than to actually embark on a rigorous diet and weight loss plan. But that’s the secret right there – the first step, the embarking.

Taking the first step is the hardest part. But once you take the first step and you experience that first bit of success, you realize that you can actually make change in your life and you don’t expect anyone to do it for you. You can see clearly how action creates results, and it’s addictive.

I used a weight loss example, but the same thing can be said for any situation. If you want to be an online entrepreneur and you set up a Facebook Fan Page, that first ‘like’ is wonderful. Sure, it’s just one ‘like.’ Just a drop in the bucket. But this drop is full of promise. It makes a huge splash.

Failure Rears Its Ugly Head

Let’s go back to the weight loss example. It’s a common story – you make progress on your weight loss only to put the weight back on over the weekend. Now you’re thinking maybe you should buy that $4,000 Law of Attraction course after all so you can just harness the power of the Universe instead of trying to watch what you eat.

But failure is a blessing in disguise for a couple of reasons. First, everybody fails. Everybody slips. You’re not the only one. Failure is a test. It says, ‘Do you really want this?’ If you do, you’ll get back on the horse and try again.

Failures are also lessons. Why did you put the weight back on? If you can pinpoint the reason, you’ll know what to avoid or do differently next time.

Finally, you learn that failure happens. Let yourself slip sometimes and don’t beat yourself up over it. Instead, remind yourself of the progress you’ve made. You’ve seen the action and how it produces results, and you know you can do it again.

The Law of Action

Who knows? Maybe the Law of Attraction works. But I’m willing to bet that the reason it does isn’t that the Universe is personally listening to your wishes and that it’s just your negativity blocking it.

I think when you really want something enough to ask the Universe for it and focus on it, you also take that first action step as well. Maybe all of those people in the Law of Attraction videos forgot that!

Is there something you really desire but are unsure about your first step, remember a step in the ‘wrong’ direction is still a step in the right direction.

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