The Fear from Within

rope-ladder-web_sxc_LazySundayThere are many fears that nature has instilled within us to increase the likelihood that we survive long enough to achieve our goal. Whether it is the fear of falling from heights or the cessation of this activity; the fear of being bitten by animals or even having to ask out that person who could possibly fulfill your evolutionary instinct.

These are all rational fears that have evolved to increase the the quality of the human gene pool.

If you do not have the confidence to pursue your desires then someone else will!

However even if you are super confident, with modern technology outstripping our ability to adapt there are new issues that you may like me be having difficulties coping with.

One that I hear from many people online and is certainly an essential evolutionary trait within the herd animal we are is the issue of popularity.

With many modern relationships being dominated by community statistics, it has become increasingly a common thread that people respond to real statements by stating, “I could never say that.”

Far too many people are scared by the voices and opinions that reside within them.

It is not their fault, we have been trained through our formative years, trash TV and social media to focus on being one of the herd, to never upset the apple cart and never share opinions that may separate us from the herd.

The question of course is why.

Is it more important today to be liked by the faceless masses or to be liked by a community that shares most of your opinions and attitudes to life.

Most, now that is the crucial word, we do not and should not ever have to agree on all topics.

Intelligent disagreement is the basis of all healthy relationships, if you can fully rationalize why you hold this position then you should never fear the internal voice that champions this stance and true friends will respect you for this.follow the flock of sheep

The problem comes when we stop rationalizing and find ourselves caught up amongst false friends who fail to challenge our held positions and allow us to travel amongst the herd, championing positions that if we stopped and considered them would force us to shudder at our foolish sheep like activity.

However I am not saying you should become a ranting, opinionated monster, who others fear to engage with.

All I am saying is that you should simply become the person you really are which can only happen when you starts to listen to and challenge your inner voices.

What do you feel compelled to keep under wraps?

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So what's your excuse again?

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  1. Hi Igor, nice blog on how not to be part of the herd.

    I think as social creatures we really fear being an outcast. The fear of being ostracized by any group keeps us from voicing what we really think.

    good points on this blog.
    dave recently posted..List Your Blog Here…My Profile

    1. Well hello Dave, personal freedom of thought and expression are supposedly our most cherished democratic benefits, yet with so many people scared to be themselves over time we will give up these benefits in exchange for a quiet and mundane life.
      This process is sadly well underway in both ruthe UK and the US

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