The 7 Pearls of Wisdom

head-xray-webI took a quick look in the Warriorforum and quickly came up with a list of 7 excuses that people use to ensure they never have to stretch themselves which in turn ensures that they never make any progress in life.

Did I not mean online?

Internet marketing is not some mystical practice undertaken by shaman and American mystics who have sold their souls to the devil in return for unbelievable conversion rates.

Internet marketing is simply an extension of offline business and thus follows the same rules and principles which means if you fail to make any progress online you fail to make any progress in life!


So what are the 7 excuses that leads to the 7 peals of wisdom

  • Not Sure where to start online
  • I cannot afford it
  • I am not as good as them
  • What if I fail
  • It is not good enough
  • It is not the right time
  • Nothing works for me

I am sure there are plenty more but as these ring bells inside my own mind then these are one that will ring true for most marketers no matter their level.


1. Not Sure where to Start Online

When you were born your guardians taught you the basics of life and then passed you over to specialists to develop your language, numeracy and social skills. In business the developmentfrustrationladyhairpull_web process continues but now you need to find a specialist that will help you to achieve your business goals.

I have had 3 mentors so far, Sterling Valentine who proved to me that I was not mad and my journey so far was one that all marketers go through until they find their way, he then showed me proven methods to make progress online.

Alex Jeffrey’s, took this a stage further by highlighting how to plan your journey online

Rich Schefren actually made me step backwards and discover go through a voyage of self discovery to learn what makes me tick and use this to ensure I am creating a business that works with my strengths and not against them.

Pearl 1: if you are not sure where to start online, find a mentor that will help you discover your inner strengths and use these to your advantage


2. I Cannot Afford It

Whether you are talking about the latest and ‘best’ strategy or the course provided by a well recommended mentor, there are always alternatives.

My favourite marketing guide was written in 1927 by  Claude C Hopkins and was called Scientific Advertising, each time I read this book I have to check the publish date as most of the core techniques are still applicable today.

Thus there will always be mentors to follow, alive or unfortunately dead, plus as marketing is based upon human instinct there really is no essential need for the latest or most fashionable technique.

Pearl 2: Your niche forums are the best places to find both mentors and alternatives to those solutions that are currently out of reach to you.


3. I Am Not As Good As Them

Of course you are not

They were not maths geniuses on the first day of infant school, many still are no where near this, and neither were they massively successful marketers the first day they did a search for how to make money online.

It is a journey that involves a lot of learning through trial and error. If you do not believe me then take a look at the product and marketing history of those marketers that you aspire to be like, I am sure you will find some shockers in their back catalogue.

They became better through self development and so will you if you have the courage for the journey 

Pearl 3: Unless you push and scare yourself you will never be the person you aspire to be.


4. What If I fail

Wrong question

despair notify clafouti prior to useYou will fail and if you don’t then you are not trying hard enough

So what if you fail, you will not get punished for placing a badly formatted ad or forgetting to add the video to the video sales page!

It is a learning experience and until you make some mistakes then you won’t know what your weaknesses are and what the market will tolerate.

There is however a big difference between badly formatted ads and those that deceive, I am not here to discuss techniques that will ensure success at any cost.

Pearl4: Failure is to be embraced as it leads to new opportunities and closes avenues to dead ends


5. It Is Not Good Enough

Who says?

You are your own worst enemy, how many times have you seen the luvvies on Hollywood awards ceremonies embarrassed by their win. They often do not understand just how good their performance was because they were too close to the creation process.

Your marketing does not have to be perfect it just has to achieve the result that you are looking for, it can be better but it will never be perfect

Pearl 5: Let the market decide just how good todays best effort is


6. It Is Not the Right Time

Alex Jeffrey’s last year when I was on his course mentioned membership sites and how we should all be building one as this was a great way to build a community.

Guess what, last year was not the right time for me and so I put it off.

This year I am in the process of creating such a site.

It will never be the perfect time for anything but if it fits into your plans then why not at least lay the foundations today. No project has to be completed in a day, you have a daily routine to follow and each project will develop and adjust to suit your journey.

Pearl 6: There is never a perfect moment for anything other than the moment you are ready to take your idea forwards


7. Nothing Works For Me

I want you to hire you now.

You are truly amazing anyone that has the ability to achieve absolutely nothing must have magical powers.

You mean no one has responded to any of your comments in a live social gathering; a post in a forum, a Facebook update or a Twitter post.

What happens when someone asks you a question, do you run and hide in the toilet?

I hope not, of course you answered them and were they happy with the answer?

You are so busted!

Everyone has some level of success to work from, heck you are still alive so you must have managed to feed yourself at some point!

Pearl 7: We all have our own individuality and history of success, measure yourself in your own way and never against another person because you can never become them, just as they can never become you.

If you have any thoughts on any of these excuses or pearls then please leave a comment below.

I am looking for guest bloggers with a positive mind-set to help empty the pitytrain and if you want to help then please leave a comment indicating your desire and I will be in touch.

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So what's your excuse again?

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