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Giving Permission

As you may already know Alan Watts asked “What is it that you desire” and with that simple question he set you on your way. A journey of self discovery and exploration which was both scary and exciting at the same time. However even if you were able to reveal the answer to this question […]

Stoking Your Fire

Can I ask you a simple question? If you have been a traveller on the pitytrain for a period longer than you would have preferred, how many travelling companions have you bid farewell to with a shared promise to ‘see you later’. Perhaps many more than you would have liked would be my guess. If […]

Leaving Your Baggage Behind

Life on the Pity train is good. You have everything you need, that is if you are happy to live in the present and never consider a better life for you or your dependants, in fact this life is pretty much perfect until you consider the direction the pity train is taking you in. If […]

The Child by the Sand Pit

When we were children, our parents forced us through our fear barrier on the first day of school, we would rather have remained in the safe and familiar surrounds of our home than have to go and play near the stranger by the sand pit. Fast forward several decades and the inner child still feels […]

Sales Pitch Saved My Life

When you do not have a plan any road will do If you look deep inside yourself, beyond all the superficial nonsense that hides the true you and prevents you from becoming the person you really want to be then you will realise that this is the true cause of your current situation. Look I […]

My Day Out in Norwich

I bought a Panasonic HD camcorder in the January sales and on Friday I finally received the cash back cheque that was part of the Amazon offer, now for the problem, how to pay the money into my bank account. At the moment I currently live in Norfolk which if you are not aware is […]

Accepting the Compromise

Not many people share my problem and thus most do not understand that in the middle of the night, cutting off your own legs sounds like a good idea! I am one of the few who is hyper-sensitive to insect bites, in particular cat flea bites. This is a strange affliction as it is very […]

The Status Quo is Your Enemy

Now just to clarify I am not talking about “The Quo”, who have despite all their critics have stood the test of time and come up with many entertaining and landmark songs, nope Status Quo are not the enemy here but the Status Quo is. So what is the status quo? The status quo, the […]