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Stoking Your Fire

Can I ask you a simple question? If you have been a traveller on the pitytrain for a period longer than you would have preferred, how many travelling companions have you bid farewell to with a shared promise to ‘see you later’. Perhaps many more than you would have liked would be my guess. If […]

Stop That and You Shut it

How should you conduct yourself in life? There are plenty of people prepared to give you advice, guidance and commandments on this, heck this post is lining up to give you more of the same. The problem of course is that all this advice, guidance and commandments ignore one crucial factor, the fact that you […]

The Only Excuse is…

First off lets clear up a little point about last weeks post, the image I know was not brilliant but unfortunately as that post was written and posted from my cell phone, I did not have a great library of images to choose from however my lack of preparation is not a valid reason. If […]

The 7 Pearls of Wisdom

I took a quick look in the Warriorforum and quickly came up with a list of 7 excuses that people use to ensure they never have to stretch themselves which in turn ensures that they never make any progress in life. Did I not mean online? Internet marketing is not some mystical practice undertaken by […]