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Feeling loved

As I put on my shoes to head out to the doctors I felt a weird sensation of warmth come over me and it felt great. I actually felt loved and in fact it was more powerful than that because we associate love with another person so in fact it was not love I felt. […]

Giving Permission

As you may already know Alan Watts asked “What is it that you desire” and with that simple question he set you on your way. A journey of self discovery and exploration which was both scary and exciting at the same time. However even if you were able to reveal the answer to this question […]

Join the Gratitude Party

In our very busy lives, it is all too easy to forget what we have in our lives and just how far we have transformed ourselves. Having just completed a 7 hour drive to attend my sisters wedding, I sit here writing this on my cell phone. This in itself is a fact to be […]

Your Why and How

Today I never got up until 1pm. I will reveal the full explanation as we progress through this post but that decision was made because I felt there was little point in getting up. Now you will be glad to hear, I do not consider myself to be afflicted with depression or any other such […]

Getting Unstuck

Even if you have decided to remain upon the pitytrain, I hope you now are aware of this decision. The only reason you became aware that you were aboard the train was that you felt there was something more, far too many never even reach that stage, or if they did they baulked at the […]

Gaining the Bouncers Permission

If you compare yourself to anyone you admire then you are setting yourself up for failure, what you need instead to do is focus on who you are and what you have to give. I can already hear the screams of “…nothing to give….” coming from your direction, if it was indeed your sub-conscious screaming […]

Do You Believe In You

Positive thinking is an important mindset that you may have lost totally or even partially however it is not your fault if you find yourself in this situation plagued by self doubt and unable to stick with any dream or plan. In our modern world, where the spotlight is focused on just how imperfect our […]