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Feeling loved

As I put on my shoes to head out to the doctors I felt a weird sensation of warmth come over me and it felt great. I actually felt loved and in fact it was more powerful than that because we associate love with another person so in fact it was not love I felt. […]

The Child by the Sand Pit

When we were children, our parents forced us through our fear barrier on the first day of school, we would rather have remained in the safe and familiar surrounds of our home than have to go and play near the stranger by the sand pit. Fast forward several decades and the inner child still feels […]

Was I Mistaken

So congratulations for finally putting all those pity train excuses behind you and finally taking action, feels great doesn’t it. You have your product out there and now it is time to start the marketing process. Time to join the community of active marketers, there is nothing worse for a marketer than to attend an […]

I Have Nothing to Write

This is a common misconception amongst all of those who try too hard to push their creative juices into action when they would rather be chilling out in a dark, warm corner of your brain. The harder you try the harder it will become to fill that blank page So, chill out and try this […]

My Day Out in Norwich

I bought a Panasonic HD camcorder in the January sales and on Friday I finally received the cash back cheque that was part of the Amazon offer, now for the problem, how to pay the money into my bank account. At the moment I currently live in Norfolk which if you are not aware is […]

You Don’t Trust Me

I am okay with that as after all you are correct to be naturally cautious about who you trust in life and especially when it comes to others online as you have very little way of verifying their identity. However this can be a problem if it extends to all parts of your life. Here […]

Your Wonderful life

My mentor Rich Schefren advised me at the start or my journey with him to imagine a perfect day but with one caveat. This must be a normal perfect day, no meeting the queen or your childhood idol on this most perfect of days. The question of course reveals what your idea of a perfect […]

Keeping it Simple

The problem with your marketing if it is not working is really quite simple. It is more than likely the same reason that mine has not worked very well in the past. Every marketer has their own way of doing things and it is important to realise that you must find ways that match your […]