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Your Inner Smile

Beauty they say comes from within. You can of course like a catwalk model create an outward beauty using the skills of your dedicated makeup resources. However I find catwalk models to be unattractive despite all the fashion business hype centered around them. Now to be fair to them they exist to perform a specific […]

Stop That and You Shut it

How should you conduct yourself in life? There are plenty of people prepared to give you advice, guidance and commandments on this, heck this post is lining up to give you more of the same. The problem of course is that all this advice, guidance and commandments ignore one crucial factor, the fact that you […]

Are Ex-Smokers Crazy?

If you want to change your life you have to change your life which is a pretty obvious statement but if you ask someone why they are struggling with their goals, all too often its is down to them missing the point of this statement. So why may you consider smokers to be crazy? Although […]

Happiness or Pleasure

Have you been educated by modern society into living a tragic life just like so many others on the Pity Train? Now I am not trying to label you as a failure or an ignorant person, I received and gladly embraced the same education. Modern society emphasises that we should seek pleasure where ever we […]

Pushing Your Buttons

When you make the decision to leave the pity train you will find yourself in a state of mental flux, this may also translate into confusion in your physical state. During this period you are re-educating your conscious mind to do as the sub-conscious has always been saying. Unfortunately the longer you put this off […]