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Pushing Your Buttons

When you make the decision to leave the pity train you will find yourself in a state of mental flux, this may also translate into confusion in your physical state. During this period you are re-educating your conscious mind to do as the sub-conscious has always been saying. Unfortunately the longer you put this off […]

Tree Huggers You Got it Wrong

When you make the decision to leave the pity train but crucially allow that decision to be made by your sub-conscious, the entire world around you changes. Thanks to the connections you make online you may actually be pushed into a position where you have no option but to allow this transformation to commence. As […]

Mindset to Play Nice

One of the biggest mistakes we make as adults is we forget the lessons we learned as a child. My parents sent me to pre-school and perhaps yours did the same, the reason for this was to teach us how to be part of a community, a collective that understands the need to play nice. […]

The Only Excuse is…

First off lets clear up a little point about last weeks post, the image I know was not brilliant but unfortunately as that post was written and posted from my cell phone, I did not have a great library of images to choose from however my lack of preparation is not a valid reason. If […]

The Child by the Sand Pit

When we were children, our parents forced us through our fear barrier on the first day of school, we would rather have remained in the safe and familiar surrounds of our home than have to go and play near the stranger by the sand pit. Fast forward several decades and the inner child still feels […]

Was I Mistaken

So congratulations for finally putting all those pity train excuses behind you and finally taking action, feels great doesn’t it. You have your product out there and now it is time to start the marketing process. Time to join the community of active marketers, there is nothing worse for a marketer than to attend an […]

Sales Pitch Saved My Life

When you do not have a plan any road will do If you look deep inside yourself, beyond all the superficial nonsense that hides the true you and prevents you from becoming the person you really want to be then you will realise that this is the true cause of your current situation. Look I […]

The 7 Pearls of Wisdom

I took a quick look in the Warriorforum and quickly came up with a list of 7 excuses that people use to ensure they never have to stretch themselves which in turn ensures that they never make any progress in life. Did I not mean online? Internet marketing is not some mystical practice undertaken by […]