Stop That and You Shut it

frustrationladyhairpull_webHow should you conduct yourself in life?

There are plenty of people prepared to give you advice, guidance and commandments on this, heck this post is lining up to give you more of the same.

The problem of course is that all this advice, guidance and commandments ignore one crucial factor, the fact that you are a person with free will and a personality that will surely make a mess of any or all of these instructions.

Is that a problem?

Not really for in reality there is to my mind only one commandment you should follow, that is the one that I try to always to follow.

Everything you do should further develop a life you can be proud of.

Forget and ignore all those that say you can’t or those whose advice is designed to hinder rather than help you develop that life.

You set your own rules and your moral compass will decide how proud you can be of the life you develop.

However there is so much advice and guidance that all too often you get swamped by the commandments instructing you from all angles. The result is that we end up realizing once we find a moment of tranquility just how far our moral compass has drifted off course.

Your true friends will nudge that compass should it drift too far before you realize.

This is why I believe we should stop listening so much and start thinking far more.

The saying that we have 2 eyes, 2 ears and one mouth for a reason is a good one however it ignores the reality of the situation, there is only one brain!

Thus before using that mouth you need to understand how all this stereo noise fits into the life values you hold dear.

A blonde moment occurs when the vocal chords are left in gear whilst the brain is still deciphering all this noise!

So that’s yet another piece of advice, some guidance and a commandment that you should be followed, perhaps you can add it to the pending pile that sits on your conscience waiting to be processed or you could just throw them all out with the trash and do what seems ‘right’ for you.

Only you can make the right decision because it’s only you that sets the rules that will make you proud.

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So what's your excuse again?

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