Stoking Your Fire

steam-train-approaching-web_sxc_stevekrh19_informCan I ask you a simple question?

If you have been a traveller on the pitytrain for a period longer than you would have preferred, how many travelling companions have you bid farewell to with a shared promise to ‘see you later’.

Perhaps many more than you would have liked would be my guess.

If you are honest with yourself, you know the reason they were able to make their escape was that they had a plan they put into action. Now I am sure you have plans, it should not matter how incomplete they are, as long as you can see the first few steps then they can be put into action.

If this is the case for you then the mystery is why you are still travelling on the pitytrain.

The problem with a plan comes when there are elements you do not understand how to implement, it gets even worse if these are encountered right at the start of your journey. In ‘Think and Grow Rich’, Napoleon Hill talks about creating real and virtual mastermind groups which are a great idea, real groups of course being the more effective but harder to create. With virtual advisors, as you discuss your plans many of your friends and family will assume that you have finally lost the plot as thetalking-to-yourself-web_sxc_Bikefellowy see you in hot debate with yourself!

Talking to yourself has long  been considered a sign of madness in many society’s, yet it is the recommended implementation strategy for auto-suggestion thus it is an activity that clearly we should do more of. Now I am not certain why a thought formed internally can be blocked easier than a thought delivered back to ourselves via our aural circuitry but I have certainly found that talking out loud is a very effective method of getting the message from your virtual mastermind group heard by the right parts of your brain.

However if your mastermind group is unable to come to a decision then it may make sense to invest in advice from people who have progressed further than you, this however introduces a new issue.

You are unique in how you see the world and respond to the activity around you.

Which means that the plan you have purchased may seem worthless to you, regardless of how successful the other person has become through the implementation of their plan.

If like me you are visual by nature then reading reams of text and writing down new reams of text that describe your plans may keep you busy for a while but prove ultimately worthless when it comes to their implementation.

You need to work in a way that is in harmony with your sub-conscious, a way that will stoke your fires and get you firing on all cylinders.

This may solve the mystery of why despite clutching a large collection of proven plans, you remain steadfastly stuck within your pitytrain carriage.

As we said the plans are all proven but they leave you cold and you ‘just do not get it’.

Once you understand how to stoke your fires, you will be able to either seek out plans in your language or translate those plans you clutch into a form that you can internalize and relate to.

Which leads me to ask, how do you stoke your fires?

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So what's your excuse again?

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