Planning for Failure

solitude for successIn this picture we see a person all alone in the world, you may think this is a sad image, why are they alone, where are their friends but perhaps this is how they want and need it to be.

This maybe the most important day of this persons life.

What a loner!

Such a modern insult to place upon another person, yet if we actually took the time to become a loner for a set period, like the person in the picture, we would be far more like the person we wish to be.

The problem of course is that in our busy lives we can feel the rumblings from within about the person we wish to be but all too soon these are drowned out by the howls of modern life.

If you take time to listen to yourself and what you really desire, very soon you will be able to visualize the people, activities and belongings that make up your perfect life. Of course to get there you need a plan, a series of steps starting with the most easy step and ending with the final step that relies upon all those that went before.

You may of course have heard that many times before.

In fact this is where you like most people maybe stuck.

You may have an idea of your perfect life, I am betting there are pieces of the jigsaw missing and so you wait whilst you search for those missing pieces, that is the big mistake.

Your life is a very precious thing and you only get one shot at it. Whilst if feels like a good idea to ensure your plan is sound and complete, by procrastinating in this way, you are simply running your clock down without any benefit to you or those that you desire to assist.

But how can you move forward if you do not know where you want to exactly end up?

Get into a place where you can listen to those rumblings once more, what is their general message, what is it in those rumblings that gets your juices flowing?

This is what you were put on this planet to do!

Remember its not what you get out of life that counts its what you put in.

Forget about creating the perfect plan, just be clear about what you want to achieve and one way of doing this that you will begin to implement today.

It is almost a certainty that this one way will not be the best method but I can guarantee that by stopping the planning and taking steps to create your perfect life you will get closer to your dream life. The added benefit of taking action is that you will stop being that loner or the numb social sheep and start to recognize people that are travelling similar paths to yourself.

There may even be people that are moving in opposing directions but have knowledge you could use to help you and your travelling companions.

My plans are far from perfect but they do possess enough clarity to allow me to make steps in the general direction of my perfect life.

How is your plan, is it good enough or are going to wait for the missing pieces first?

Photo of igor Griffiths

So what's your excuse again?

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  1. Interesting read. I have spent several years trying to understand what my purpose is. I spent years trying to just do the thing that will satisfy my soul. I never found it; and a part of me still looks. But I realised that my intentions were not right; I was always trying to be a sucess with business. This wasn’t right for me; it made me work way too much, deprived me of my social life and created a depressive state of mind.

    Now, I meditate, listen to my energy to tell me what I should be doing, remain positive and just go with the flow of life. I run an online business coaching people, but that’s for fun. I have a passion for coaching and teaching others, and it makes me feel good. Now that seems to of aligned with me pretty well, since it’s making me some money too :)

    Good post, enjoyed it. Let’s keep in touch!

    1. Well Hello Joey, you hit the nail right on the head. Never try to make money out of your passion but rather do it with your passion. If you love what you do and it makes you money then you are in a very blessed place, great to hear you found yours.

      Look forward to reading more about you and your journey

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