From Pity Train to Boredom

  Lets face the truth together, for many of us athletes are a completely different species from us, they achieve levels of success that we could never imagine or reach due to our residence on the pity train. Why do you remain in this position, is it due to any one of the 3 devils, […]

Are Ex-Smokers Crazy?

If you want to change your life you have to change your life which is a pretty obvious statement but if you ask someone why they are struggling with their goals, all too often its is down to them missing the point of this statement. So why may you consider smokers to be crazy? Although […]

Leaving Your Baggage Behind

Life on the Pity train is good. You have everything you need, that is if you are happy to live in the present and never consider a better life for you or your dependants, in fact this life is pretty much perfect until you consider the direction the pity train is taking you in. If […]

Happiness or Pleasure

Have you been educated by modern society into living a tragic life just like so many others on the Pity Train? Now I am not trying to label you as a failure or an ignorant person, I received and gladly embraced the same education. Modern society emphasises that we should seek pleasure where ever we […]

Pushing Your Buttons

When you make the decision to leave the pity train you will find yourself in a state of mental flux, this may also translate into confusion in your physical state. During this period you are re-educating your conscious mind to do as the sub-conscious has always been saying. Unfortunately the longer you put this off […]

Tree Huggers You Got it Wrong

When you make the decision to leave the pity train but crucially allow that decision to be made by your sub-conscious, the entire world around you changes. Thanks to the connections you make online you may actually be pushed into a position where you have no option but to allow this transformation to commence. As […]

Mindset to Play Nice

One of the biggest mistakes we make as adults is we forget the lessons we learned as a child. My parents sent me to pre-school and perhaps yours did the same, the reason for this was to teach us how to be part of a community, a collective that understands the need to play nice.

The Only Excuse is…

First off lets clear up a little point about last weeks post, the image I know was not brilliant but unfortunately as that post was written and posted from my cell phone, I did not have a great library of images to choose from however my lack of preparation is not a valid reason. If […]