My Day Out in Norwich

crowdedmall_webI bought a Panasonic HD camcorder in the January sales and on Friday I finally received the cash back cheque that was part of the Amazon offer, now for the problem, how to pay the money into my bank account.

At the moment I currently live in Norfolk which if you are not aware is a very rural place, with 2 major towns separated by about 50 miles. Unfortunately I live mid distance between them thus I had to travel over 20 miles to the nearest branch which was in Norwich.

Now if you read my last post, You Don’t Trust Me and you felt some of that applied to you then congratulations for beginning to clear the self doubt and beginning the journey to regain your happy mind free form the blocks that are undoubtedly holding you back

What has this got to do with a day out in Norwich?

I ventured there simply to deposit the money, no big event but whilst there I decided to look at getting a new set of spectacles as I am over 40 and my eyes are not what they used to be.

The highlight of the day was engaging with people in person.

On the way to the mall I spent time to stop and have a chat with a street vendor selling The Big Issue. If you are not aware of this then let me explain, this magazine is sold by people who are rebuilding their lives and looking to regain their independence however like me you should never buy this magazine to support the homeless. I exchange my money in return for a really good read that is free from corporate editorial restraints and discusses issues that really matter to people like you and me.

It feels good to help those that are trying to help themselves.

Onwards and upwards to my date with the optician, this was supposed to be a probing visit but whilst there I was well and truly sold thanks to the personal attention I received, heck I am a bloke so it helps that I was looked after by a lady who was very passionate about her job!

She took the time to help select a pair that would make the best of a bad job, my face, whilst finally giving into her frustration and repairing my current glasses that were an insult to her trade.

With money exchanged in return for another great product, I left Norwich and headed for my temporary home in Dereham, still buzzing from getting out from behind the computer and engaging with others.

I am a techie and yes I am really that sad!

My day out in Norwich, reinforced the point that is marketing gold, by taking the time to help others you will help develop your happy mind.

The Big Issue vendors and the lady in the opticians are inspirational people, yes many of the Big Issue vendors and perhaps the lady in the opticians have histories that they are not proud of but despite of that, they remain upbeat despite being incorrectly labelled by society.

Take time to help those around you and your reward will be the inner glow of a happy mind, who have you helped this week?

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So what's your excuse again?

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  1. It’s great to get out from behind that computer every once in awhile isn’t it Igor? I know the feeling, I don’t do it enough. But I spent this past weekend away from the computer the majority of the time and it felt fabulous.

    You had many more encounters then I did though. Sounds like it was a wonderful time though so am glad you enjoyed your day.

    Sounds like truly inspirational encounters.
    Adrienne recently posted..Advice To Me 10 Years AgoMy Profile

    1. Thanks Adrienne, no matter how we try and play it, we are still animals at heart and we are a herd species. Together we can achieve so much more than when we go it alone which I guess is why our spirits raise when we chat with those that match our core values.

      The Big issue sellers are an inspiration and a joy to chat with as they remind us what is important in life.

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