Mindset to Play Nice


One of the biggest mistakes we make as adults is we forget the lessons we learned as a child.

My parents sent me to pre-school and perhaps yours did the same, the reason for this was to teach us how to be part of a community, a collective that understands the need to play nice.

However when we start secondary school and prepare to enter the world of work the rules and the game changes.

It’s no longer about the community or playing nice, you are here to lay the foundations for the rest of your life thus it’s by necessity all about you.

Unfortunately that mindset is often carried forward into our adult life when instead our teachers should have pointed out this mindset is only required during the exam season.

Thus we go through life thinking about how we can get, rather than considering the community around us and playing nice in this collective.

If you doubt the truth of this then consider your friend who is so well connected, this did not happen by accident.

Just like in childhood when they gave up a wooden train carriage to a friend, in adulthood they continuously look for similar oppotunities.

The reason?

The greatest joy is to be had when we play together thus by giving the carriage away meant they could play with a friend. The adult equivalent is that by helping others they continuously grow the community they play in.

So how do you adopt this giving attitude?

Your life is a unique story made up of journeys travelled and dead ends encountered.

By sharing these experiences with others or even working with them you can move forwards together with a spirit of giving and community building.

Adopt this new mindset and you wil soon be ready to leave the pity train taking some of your fellow passengers with you.

Today I am off to London for the London lunch which represents a great opportunity to put this into practise, I recommend wherever you are in the world you do the same.

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So what's your excuse again?

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