Leaving Your Baggage Behind

ghosttrain_webLife on the Pity train is good.

You have everything you need, that is if you are happy to live in the present and never consider a better life for you or your dependants, in fact this life is pretty much perfect until you consider the direction the pity train is taking you in.

If you don’t have a destination any road will take you there.

One of the many reasons that we fail to consider our final destination is that modern life pushes us to keep pushing forwards, we consider those that sit on mountain tops to be crazy and deranged.

Yet these are the ones who have got it right.

I now undergo daily self-hypnosis sessions to reinforce my positive thoughts and to reduce the influence of the negativity installed through my life experiences which is fine but what will really make the difference for you is keeping a journal where you let the sub-conscious mind speak freely. This is what I do at the end of most nights, the target is every night but no one is perfect and you should not beat yourself up on this.

One of the key messages you may discover is that we need to connect with people that our sub-conscious minds like and respect, this leads to making connections with successful people that your mind can relate to.

The key message of successful people is to live for the future by making the most of today and learning from everything that you do.

Of course that is easier said than done and one of the biggest hurdles is our obsession with email, we insist we will change our lives tomorrow after we have caught up with our inbox.

When was playing the lottery with your life via your email inbox  part of your plans, it certainly was not part of mine and yet this is what we do everyday, we allow them to decide the path of that day and those yet to come.

In fact you may even have started to filter the messages which means you are increasing the mental baggage that is keeping you on the pity train, after all just one of these messages could be the one!

Well today I deleted all my emails and nearly all of my inbox sub-folders.

You will need to keep filtering both your family and your business transaction messages, it does not pay to upset either your mother of your accountant!

Why take this step?

Because it wipes the slate completely clean, it is a virtual scream of “Enough!”

From now on any message that comes in needs to be of value today and processed appropriately or trashed immediately

Keep moving forwards, constantly reducing your baggage so that when you are ready to leave the pity train it becomes far easier to do so.

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So what's your excuse again?

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  1. Hey Dr. Sniffle,

    I really like the title of your article and the fact that you’re just getting rid of all the junk behind.

    There’s nothing more incredible as traveling light and having our heads free to think whatever we want.

    I unsubscribe from a lot of lists lately.

    I was scared to do it because I always thought I could probably miss on a great offer or something important but it turns out that you just keep getting “great” deals every day, it’s part of Internet Marketing.

    In my eyes, unsubscribing from many lists and focusing on what matters the most (building our own online business) is way more important than missing a deal on our inbox.

    Great to see you rising my man and hope you reach that success destination very soon, all the best! 😉

    Sergio Felix recently posted..Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 Rules On LifeMy Profile

    1. Well Hello Sergio and thanks for the comment, we only need to follow one great idea to the end rather than chasing many down dead ends. Thanks for postings Arnie’s 6 Rules on Life, I now have them on my desk.

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