Leaving Failure on Board


Do you make the most of the opportunities that present themselves to you?

Whilst on the Pity Train there are plenty of opportunities despite what you may think.

As Eddison put it most people who failed were only one step away from success thus the people you are riding with and even Dr Sniffle presents to you a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The trick of course is to actually capture these opportunities and the best way to do this is to engage with those that presented them which means improving your communication and organisation skills.

Organisation skills?

There is little point in collecting information if you are destined to lose it as soon as its received which is why you need to start treating your online activity just as a ‘real’ business would.

They have a structure to everything they do, know what they know and most importantly know who they need to engage with

Of course, as a traveller on this train it’s unlikely that you are currently running a major conglomerate therefore first step is super simple and only requires you create a dedicated business folder on your computer, this provides an initial home for the information you are about to obtain, the final destination is of course down to your personality and skills.

When it comes to communication remember to forget about what you need, which is their oppotunity and think about what they dreamt of doing with it.

Could you help them with their problem, if so welcome to the world of team work and a great way to leave the Pity train.

So take a look around and prepare for your success

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So what's your excuse again?

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