Keeping it Simple

less ir moreThe problem with your marketing if it is not working is really quite simple.

It is more than likely the same reason that mine has not worked very well in the past.

Every marketer has their own way of doing things and it is important to realise that you must find ways that match your personality, skills and goals.

We are tempted into adding layers into our marketing that are reported as successful for other marketers but because these techniques do not meet the 3 requirements above, we will never achieve the same results.

Unless you can adapt these techniques to play to your own strengths and personality then all you will succeed in doing is confusing any visitors you do attract and ensuring their experience is less than you had hoped for.

Less is most definitely more

Below is a video that took a very simple idea, stuck with it and thus made a massive success from it.

Matt took one very simple idea and moved that to the highest level he possibly could, brilliant and very inspiring.

So what’s your excuse again for not taking action and making progress towards your goals

Photo of igor Griffiths

So what's your excuse again?

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