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In our very busy lives, it is all too easy to forget what we have in our lives and just how far we have transformed ourselves.

Having just completed a 7 hour drive to attend my sisters wedding, I sit here writing this on my cell phone.

This in itself is a fact to be grateful for.

I get to see my sister again whilst being able to connect with you, regardless of where you live and wherever I am.

The technology we have at our disposal is truly amazing when you stop and consider what a life without them would be like.

There is currently a Facebook event, created  by Bill Gelwick that encourages you to do just that.

Each and every day until Christmas, take a moment to consider what you are grateful for.

With this still in your mind, create a Twitter update that ends with the hashgtag, #gratitudeparty.

It would of course be all to easy to dismiss this event as just another silly distraction.

However if you stop every day to consider what you are grateful for, I do this as soon as I awake, you will head out into the world with love in your heart and positive thoughts rolling in your mind.

Now that does not sound a silly result does it.

Photo of igor Griffiths

So what's your excuse again?

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