I Have Nothing to Write

cat-sleeping-web_sxc_n_yfeThis is a common misconception amongst all of those who try too hard to push their creative juices into action when they would rather be chilling out in a dark, warm corner of your brain.

The harder you try the harder it will become to fill that blank page

So, chill out and try this simple exercise but remember do not try to complete the entire picture in one step otherwise you will scare your creative juices back to their happy place.

Okay to start with you will need a seed of an idea to start…

The cat sat on the mat

Not impressed, well remember what I said do not focus on the entire picture but isolate parts of the phrase you choose and this can work for any phrase, the only thing you have to remember is to just go with your creative flow.

When you were a kid in school they called it creative writing.

That cat, the one with the ginger bedraggled fur looks like it has had an interesting if very violent life. With a scar above its left eye and that patch of greying fur missing from its hind quarter, it is obvious that Tom was not scared to protect what it believed was his.

However even though in his youth, he loved to be outside, nowadays his preference was for the soft and warm comfort of the mat that lay in the hall of the grand house maintained by his owners.

But where were those owners?

In their youth, long before Tom had been part of their family, they had travelled far and wide and collected many treasured memories and mementoes of their travels, of which one was the mat that Tom called bed. This was brought home from Morocco on one of their many excursions of self discovery, yet as they got older and wiser they still retained this wander lust which was why Tom was sat alone but happy on the mat in the hall.

For he knew that they would return soon, they always did but in the meantime the kind lady from next door was looking after him and she was doing a fine job.

Of course in Internet marketing you won’t be normally doing creative writing but the principle remains the same.

Push Button Giveaway, the software that  makes giveaway events simple.

In the early days of Internet marketing everything was done manually even communicating with clients, for in those days there were no autoresponders or email lists to manage. As the market matured many marketers yearned for the dream lifestyle and thus the era of marketing automation was born.

Of course once you could manage and communicate with your list automatically then it made sense to build that list however this part of the marketing puzzle had remained frustratingly free from automation that was until Keith Purkiss started to build his list.

His technique was to use the power of others, this is the core concept of giveaway events and like those that preceded him Keith yearned for his dream lifestyle thus he designed a push button automated solution to entering and succeeding with giveaway events…or something like that.

And that is most definitely not creative writing, Keith Purkiss did create Push Button Giveaway events to solve his frustration with managing his manual entry into these list building events.

The point here is that once you have the seed of an idea for content just let your inner marketing creativity do the rest, one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your marketing is to market like someone else. By doing this you will eventually create a disconnect with your prospects when the time comes to communicate and market in your own style.

By the way I decided not to link the Push button Giveaway software with an affiliate link as that would cheapen this post which is after all focused on getting you creating content and not getting you to buy a great product….okay I will stop now…….


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