Happiness or Pleasure

animated_pleasure-happiness_gickr_comHave you been educated by modern society into living a tragic life just like so many others on the Pity Train? Now I am not trying to label you as a failure or an ignorant person, I received and gladly embraced the same education.

Modern society emphasises that we should seek pleasure where ever we can and it sounds like a great idea doesn’t it, after all if we are satisfying our pleasure then we must be happy, right.

There is a reason that this is not the case in so many of us.

Once you fully appreciate what pleasure does to your chances of being happy then you can make the changes that will transform your life and assist you in leaving the Pity Train forever.

Pleasure is great, it raises our mood, makes us part of the party and the one who others like to be around however over time it becomes apparent that our sub-conscious is deeply troubled, the root of its unhappiness stems from this pursuit of pleasure.

If you are a pleasure seeker then you are most likely living a disjointed life, living for the moment like a drug addict, which in reality you are, the only difference being your drug comes from inside and not from a criminals pocket.

Pleasure is a short lived high that unless it is living in harmony with your happiness can only lead to misery and failure in the long term.

Happiness comes from being the person in the situation you desire.

Whether that is living in a castle with every whim cared for or living on a beach under the stars, it matters not, the important point is you need to focus on this place of happiness and move towards it, each and every day.

I have set my desires for my life but each and every day I sabotage these in the quest for quick fixes and instant pleasure. Whether that comes from the cakes preventing my waist from reducing to its desired size or keeping busy with disjointed tasks that ensures the dream website remains incomplete, the result is the same, I remain on the Pity Train wondering why I am still there.

We have both been told repeatedly that we need a plan to achieve success but they never told us that plan needed to be for our lives not just our businesses.

Once you can see your happy place clearly, the cake that sits in front of you will become a monster in your vision destined to destroy your happy place just as will that quick chat on any social media site.

Of course I am not suggesting you should live in a way that makes you miserable in the short term to satisfy you quest for long term happiness, the best lives are lived in harmony.

Each and every day you and I should focus on getting better in every way and moving closer to our perfect day.

Every day when I am focussed on my perfect day, I eat a spam salad and I mean every day! My friends think I am crazy but this meal is just food, the ingredients have been selected to provide the nutrients my body requires and I take pleasure in the knowledge that this meal is taking me towards my happy place.

I attempt to eat to live rather than like so many pleasure seekers that live to eat, a subtle difference but that is all that is needed to transform your life, a series of subtle changes in mindset and action.

Forget analytic stats or bank balances, getting better each and every day is the only measure we need to live our lives by and the only one that will lead to happiness.

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So what's your excuse again?

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  1. Happiness comes from within Igor. Quick fixes or pleasurable moments will never last overall unless you’re truly happy. You are the only one who has control over that, no one else.

    The way I describe finding happiness to people is imagine that everything you had was taken away from you tomorrow. Your home, your car, all your possessions, your job, everything but your family and friends. So what’s more important to you now? Why do these people stick by you? It’s because they love you for who you are, the person that you are. So what kind of person do you want to be? Someone who worries about things? About stuff you have absolutely no control over? Take a good hard look at yourself and even ask your family and friends what they see in you and then start seeing that in yourself. Know that you are enough and be happy about that because at the end of your life, you’ll have nothing else but that.

    Sorry to get on such a heavy topic Igor but that’s what I know for sure.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Build Successful And Profitable RelationshipsMy Profile

    1. Well Hello Adrienne no worries about discussing the heavy stuff, after all this is what we need to hear. My mentor says that success is a matter of subtraction, we all start with too many options and its only by focussing on what is relevant and important to us that we can ever hope to achieve our definition of success. Pam Brossman helped me in this self-analysis process by suggesting I tackle this elephant of a problem one part at a time. Break your perfect life into parts and define each part in intricate detail, right down to as she says her dream partners underwear.

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