Getting Unstuck

headachelady_webEven if you have decided to remain upon the pitytrain, I hope you now are aware of this decision.

The only reason you became aware that you were aboard the train was that you felt there was something more, far too many never even reach that stage, or if they did they baulked at the challenges they saw in their new path.

However as you realize, knowing you can be more is not the same as becoming more.

You and I, know what we should do to be at our best in all parts of our lives however as we also know only too well our conscious mind does not like change and is quite happy where it is thank you very much!

This is the pain barrier we need to break through and do so permanently

For as we give into our conscious habits and return to the life we are trying to escape we find ourselves back where we started, only this time with the guilt of failure plus the fear that perhaps this is how it really is meant to be.

Can you really be the person you know you could be

After all you tried and failed so why put yourself through the pain, just accept a life less extra-ordinary, after all as so many of our doubters remind us.

What makes you so special!

Do not take that to heart, as they are only placing their fear and misery upon you.

You know the answer to this, or at least you would if you took the time to listen to your sub-conscious screaming for the life it knows is possible.

If this is the point where you have returned to then the question is how do you get unstuck.

Lets take me as a very imperfect specimen.

Overweight due to poor diet, divorced and hiding from success.

The divorce? That was actually a high point that brought me back to life and allowed me to begin listening to my sub-conscious. I am sure its not just me who despite not knowing who I was or what I wanted from life, accepted the proposition of the first person that would have me.

This is when I awoke and realized I was a content passenger on the pitytrain.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been stuck back in the normal routine, eating and drinking what I want plus keeping myself busy doing stuff that contributed little to my definite aim.

Yet I have a set diet, my goal is to take emotion out of eating, through the consumption of what I need every day and not looking for excitement on my plate. Of course your conscious would rather have the short term bursts of excitement that a poor diet brings, thus as this pillar of my new life collapsed so the others were soon to follow.

The pursuit of my definite aim became less focused, many of the bad habits that others see as normal returned and I begun to feel comfortable with accepting the guidance of my conscious despite the occasional scream breaking through from the inner mind.

So  how do you turn things around

Well first you need to decide that trudging towards your final destination like just another of the unfortunates that never decides to live is really not for you.

I know you have heard the screams but your conscious has the upper hand, so telling is clearly not enough.

With that being the case, do something that brings you back to life.

Something simple that pings your passion, something that has few excuses for your conscious to grasp onto and something you can do right now.

For me the most effective has always involved music, the video below being one of my best resources, especially as I was there which means it ticks all the boxes.

Engaging at both an emotional and physical level as you may do with a similar piece of music before your conscious has a chance to deter you, ensures you can quickly get unstuck and put all your excuses back in the box.

Now that you are once again living consciously, welcome back, feels great doesn’t it.

Focus on that feeling and remember this when your conscious or a well meaning friend tells you ‘just one won’t hurt’

Doughnuts are now strictly off the menu.

Are you aware of the poisons your conscious uses to prevent you breaking through?

Photo of igor Griffiths

So what's your excuse again?

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  1. Being stuck can get really hard. thanks for the great advice I think the hardest part I think is realizing that you are worth it and that you can do it if you try.

    1. The best and worst advice we are given is to head for greatness. This of course means we are overwhelmed by the daunting path that lies to becoming great, as defined by others rather than yourself. Thus as you say, trust in your own self worth and become great in your own ways and according to your own rules.
      Dr Sniffle recently posted..Join the Gratitude PartyMy Profile

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