Gaining the Bouncers Permission

3dman_gonofurther_dreamstime_xs-300x289If you compare yourself to anyone you admire then you are setting yourself up for failure, what you need instead to do is focus on who you are and what you have to give.

I can already hear the screams of “…nothing to give….” coming from your direction, if it was indeed your sub-conscious screaming then you need to understand that this is simply a sign that your internal ranking system remains plagued by images of others success.

Rather than creating your own unique definition of success you are drawn by social conditioning to attempt a chameleon magic trick and take on the appearance of someone you are not.


Clearly that is madness and the quicker it stops the better.

You maybe right that you have very little to contribute at the moment but then that is most likely because your thoughts are skimming over your entire landscape rather than picking out the best bits and concentrating on them. In “Think and Grow Rich”, the emphasis is on having a definite aim to pursue, from this comes a plan designed towards achieving the destination you desire.

To get there you will need the help of others but this does not mean you get a free ride, you will have to take a stand and declare to yourself and the world that this is what you are about, these are the skills I have and that I will grow daily.

Once you taken this stand against your comfort seeking sub-conscious, the possibility of creating a mastermind group that will benefit all involved becomes all the more likely, for others can now clearly see what you intend to and can contribute to their definite aim.

Yet for all of this, we are still not out of the woods yet.

You will still have to continue the daily battle to keep your conscious on side, if you allow your mental bodyguards to secure the doors to your sub-conscious then there is little chance you will feel the sensations of a great plan evolving within. This is why Napoleon Hill recommends briefing your bodyguards twice daily on the new direction you wish to take and urging them to report any signs of plans in that direction, once you have the bouncers on your side then anything is possible!

Of course this is no easy feat, for our bodyguards would rather just bolt the doors and be done with personal development, leave that to others, after all we are what we are.

This is why the daily recital of your definite aim is so important.

You can achieve anything you desire but only if you set all of your focus upon over coming the challenges that lie in the way. By truly believing in your definite aim and implementing the plans revealed to you from your sub-conscious, the world around you will begin to transform. Rather than simply seeing the success of others you will now recognize their key traits that should be blended into your behavior patterns.

Once you begin to behave like a person on a purposeful mission you will rapidly attract the attention of those whose activities are centered around their definite aim but who share mutual ground with you and thus your mastermind group is born through mutual benefit.

Are you clear enough on your definite aim?

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So what's your excuse again?

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