From Pity Train to Boredom


SONY DSCLets face the truth together, for many of us athletes are a completely different species from us, they achieve levels of success that we could never imagine or reach due to our residence on the pity train.

Why do you remain in this position, is it due to any one of the 3 devils, if so then you need to face the truth of success.

You hopefully will have taken this time aboard to consider who you are and what you really want, if not then you need to do this before you consider disembarking otherwise your destination will surely be yet another pity train, destination unknown.

What are the 3 devilsĀ  that lead to your permanence on the pity train?

  1. Confusion, you have no clear strategy that will take you to your goals.
  2. Self-doubt, even with a strategy in your pocket you do not truly believe
  3. Procrastination, you decided to wait for a better strategy to appear in its full and ready form

Of course if we turn these devils into angels then your life will be quickly lady lucktransformed.

Who is that you admire, now it maybe that there is no one person that ticks all of your boxes, that is okay, just create a mental mastermind of their best elements and use these to guide you in your decisions.

Having inner advisors is a good start but you still need a coherent strategy to follow, this is where networking with others that share your ethical approach to life and desire to contribute to society.

Who do they follow, will their guidance lead you to your goals and would your mastermind group approve.

After your decision has been approved by your sub-consciousĀ  guardians and mastermind group members it is time to put all other strategies to one side. Now is the time to fully believe that this is the path to your success.

Now you and I come to the crunch.

By making this decision you must forego all that seems more exciting and initially promising, you must embrace a life that looks very boring and repetitive.

This is the path to success that all of the good advisors and mastermind members have been telling you but you were not listening.

By only doing what is proven to work and lead towards the life you desire, why would you do anything else.

Because the alternative is more exciting?

Yes it maybe but successful people focus on the long term rather than avoiding the short term pain that is essential for transformation into attracting all that you desire.

This is how the law of attraction works, place yourself in the path of opportunity and focus on recognising them as they attempt to pass you by.

So are you ready to embrace a life more dull but far more beautiful?

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So what's your excuse again?

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  1. Hi there

    I struggle a little with self doubt a little – if I do something will anyone like it or notice it? But I don’t let it stop me. It’s the start of a conversation.

    I have been putting some things off, so I guess I haven’t been wordking towards my long term goals very well. I’m moving house and it’s all time-consuming.

    I will definitely embrace a life more dull once I’ve moved!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Tim Bonner recently posted..Is Your Website Blacklisted? Find Out Now!My Profile

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