Feeling Overwhelmed by the Wrong List

© freeimages user - immrchris

© freeimages user Рimmrchris

I love that you are a person who cares but your empathy and concern for others can create problems for you.

You have so much to do, the media asks for your concern and sympathy for everything and still you go looking for more to care about.

In our connected world its all too easy to lose perspective and lose sight of your influence circle.

There are things you know and things you can control.


Which do you think demands most of your attention and yet deserves far less of it?

Today I had a big wake up call with a pointed answer to this question.

I had spent all week focused on todays medical examination, with this bearing down on me I had little capacity to do anything else and the week was lost to this fretting.

Unfortunately, I never got my medical examination due to a mix up with bed allocation and thus the appointment will have to be rescheduled for next month.

Now there is no way I can spend a month biting my nails fretting over something I now understand I have no control over.

And with that the penny dropped.

When you are feeling overwhelmed there are 2 important actions required.



  • List down what lies within your circle of influence then
  • Write down what is controlled by others.



  • ¬†Write down where you are at the moment then
  • Spin your spotlight of focus on and only on your next best step.


There is little point trying to figure out your second and third steps before you have taken that best first step because once you have taken that step you will be a different person with a new perspective.


Thus my first best step is to focus on eating and moving better as these are within my sphere of influence, neither you or I can undo what has past or even came before we existed, so why worry or try to change it.

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So what's your excuse again?

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