Feeling loved

lady-silhouette-beach-star-jump-web_pixabayAs I put on my shoes to head out to the doctors I felt a weird sensation of warmth come over me and it felt great.

I actually felt loved and in fact it was more powerful than that because we associate love with another person so in fact it was not love I felt.

I felt blessed

I felt blessed to be me, little igor Griffiths, a single country boy now living in a bedsit in the UK, felt blessed.

I felt blessed for what I did have rather than cursed by what I did not have in my life

It took a while to figure out what had made this transformation but it was down to one simple thing.

I had actually started to believe in what I was doing.

For each day as part of my routine, I meditate, I meditate by focussing on the rhythm of my breath.

This gives me a period of mental tranquility where instead of all the usual I have to do’s filling my head, these all fall away and for an all too brief moment, my mind becomes quiet, calm and still.

The effects of this tranquil moment do not dissipate immediately because by ignoring the clamoring calls from your to do list, they are forced to realign themselves into some order of importance.

During this period, what you have becomes all too clear and from this rises the blessed feeling.

Of course the to do lists return but you are now able to look at them from the perspective of a person who is thankful for what they have rather than one who curses what they lack

Along as you have breath in you lungs and love in your heart there is hope that you can regardless of where you are now, build upon what you have towards a reality where life is giving you all that you truly need.

The first step is achieving this is to allow your internal wisdom and thankful spirit to be heard.

Many people far wiser than me, understand that periods of meditation and daily tranquility are the greatest tools for your inner wisdom to be heard.

I wish you a tranquil and blessed day.


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