Emptying the Bottle of Failure

water-bubbles-web_sxc_gnmillsI have a simple task that I would love you to do for me, could you quickly empty the bucket of water I am about to hand to you as I need to prepare for the next task that requires an empty bucket.

Of course emptying a bucket is a simple task, all you have to do is find an appropriate place to empty it, turn it upside down and hey presto job done.

Well thanks for that, I now have another task for you

Could you empty this bottle of water as I also need this for the same task.

You return to the appropriate place and repeat the process that worked so well the first time, unfortunately that process is not going to work this time.

Although the goal is the same, the conditions have changed subtly and you missed that important fact, perhaps through your lack of experience or lack of observation on the results being produced.

This is an important lesson if you wish to leave the pitytrain.

The faster you try to empty the bottle the slower it will happen, this is due to the differences in air pressure outside and above the content of the bottle, thus to empty the bottle the quickest you need to constantly adjust your activity to suit the current conditions.

Have you ever followed a fellow marketers advice and got terrible results?

Well the reason was the same, you were not aware of the whole picture, the attitude of their traffic source to them, the message delivered and the destination presented.

You can of course make rapid profits online but you need to be aware that what worked yesterday may not work today, you will have to learn to constantly adapt to the current marketing conditions, unless of course you have build yourself a fan base which you may know as a list.

This is why my friend Sally Neill has gladly returned to being a stats freak.

When you are aware of what the current situation is, you will begin to see trends in the marketplace which allow you to enter the marketplace at just the right time. The inventor of a technology is more often than not never the one to make the most profits from it, the invention of the vacuum cleaner is a classic example.

Unfortunately to enter this marketplace you are going to have to leave the pitytrain and start to take action, it does not matter what action you take at first, just do something and learn from it. Eventually you will understand where your skills are and how they can be applied to develop your perfect life however this can only happen after you understand how to empty a bottle of water effectively.

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So what's your excuse again?

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