Do You Believe In You

Athens_sxu_spyros-tay_webPositive thinking is an important mindset that you may have lost totally or even partially however it is not your fault if you find yourself in this situation plagued by self doubt and unable to stick with any dream or plan.

In our modern world, where the spotlight is focused on just how imperfect our lives are, you and I are presented with images of others leading lives we are toldĀ  we can only dream of achieving and then as apparent medication for this failure in our lives we are encouraged to laugh at those less fortunate than ourselves.

Both attitudes are equally dangerous.

By comparing yourself to others you are plotting a course to definite failure, they created their dream lives perhaps through a route that you have neither the skill or the desire to do. In fact their reality could actually be your idea of hell but you would only realize that if you took time to stop and think about what you actually desire.

By laughing at others in a way that does encourage compassion we stop ourselves from understanding ourselves and the true nature of why people like us get stuck in a rut, no matter what level that rut is.

If you could look at every situation from a position of compassion and benevolence then you would set yourself apart from the instant gratification indoctrinated herd that plagues modern society.Under-construction-sign-web_sxc_malkowitch

However positive thinking is not a part time hobby, it will take effort and must be set in stone within your foundations, of course your foundations may have been set a long time ago. If that is the case then you may have to erect the under construction signs and get to work on your faulty foundations.

Whatever your goals whether it is to raise a child, rear a puppy or help others, your focus should be on doing your absolute best in whatever endeavorĀ  your desire leads you towards.

Far too many children are brought into this world without consideration of the future plans for both the child and their parents, the same of course applies to a puppy or any other pet for that matter.

Rather than just playing at life, you must if you wish to create a legacy that you can be proud of, insist within yourself that you always give your best and deliver this in a way that is focused on creating the best results for the objects of your desire.

Lets be clear about that last point, its not sufficient to be positive about portions of your life whilst other parts are festering and infecting the foundations of your positive thought. All parts of your life must become the best they can be, each will take a unique approach and be achieved over differing time spans and with varying degrees of success.

However as long as you can say to yourself that you gave it your best shots, then you can be proud of yourself and the legacy you will ultimately leave behind.

When it comes to helping others, this lack of positive thinking is even more dangerous.

If you attempt to help others without conviction to give your best then your result will be to ensure they remain just as stuck as you are. Eventually this lack of progress will instill negative thinking within them which in turn will poison the relationships with their family and friends.

You were the cause of their despair and this could be the legacy you leave behind.

So what does it matter if you do not try your best?

Quite a lot actually

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So what's your excuse again?

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  1. Many good points on this post. I especially like “…positive thinking is not a part time hobby”. Certainly, believing in yourself and your abilities is the foundation of achievement. Thanks!

    1. Well hello Felix, thanks for visiting and I certainly agree with you that once you believe in yourself anything is possible. Far too many people are put off by the cautionary words of others that review their vision as “a terrible idea”, when the reality is that they cannot see the potential you see.

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