Beige to the Core

Are you too scared to say what you really feel?

Great Britain Speak Your MindIs it because you might upset someone and that would never do. In this world where we are all supposed to be so much more connected the reality is that we have never been lonelier. Filled with self doubt about our own identities, we fear that our inner voice may give the game away and reveal that we actually do not agree with the common consensus.

I have just read a great post by Bill Murney, there was a video of Pat Cordell telling the truth about the riots in the UK.

What you have forgotten about them already?

Oh that is so yesterday, it does not even feature in my Twitter feed anymore and that is the problem. We all assume that it is someone else’s problem but with this attitude, the government, the Muslims, the EU and the professional whingers are free to do as they like.


So do I hate Muslims? Actually no they do make a good point about Christianity, Jesus was a prophet, he spread the word of God, the same God described in the Torah, the Quran and the new Testament but then the Christians take this a step further and say he was the one son of God, big mistake. So actually it is not just the Muslims I dislike, I hate all religion that would make a prisoner of its followers, or bend truth and history to its own ends.

I am a Scotsman and a realist, Scotland cannot exist without the rest of the union and as such we should protect each other. We are Great Britain and anyone who moans at our customs and history should be given a stiff Anglo-Saxon retort. Unless we begin to deny these morally corrupt groups the freedom they deny others and start to protect the customs and traditions of our country, we will have to write this one off and go somewhere where they are not scared of their own shadow and the do-gooders.

Australia  is such a popular destination for this one reason, keep up the good work.

What you don’t like me anymore, oh gosh my Twitter following has gone down, best I say no more.

This is core to the problem, by denying your inner voice you blend into the crowd and ultimately fail to achieve the recognition that you think your skills deserve. It is your life, live it in your way whilst ensuring you do it in a very British manner. Which of course means not intentionally exploiting others goodwill along the way.

You do have a unique set of skills if you look deep enough within yourself, you will find them.

Now I have not got a clue about how to overthrow a government but to me it seems that this is what this country needs.

Hooray the student Marxists were right.

Not so fast, if you are a student or a professional whinger focussed on inciting riot or civil disobedience then you should be charged as such and tough to the consequences for your career.

I am a marketer but I am also a person who is stuck in a country run by institutions too scared to live up to our history.

Never be scared to say what you truly think for by doing this you can create your own freedom. The freedom to think in your own way and carve out a life you can be proud of. A life that will look after you and all that you care for.

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So what's your excuse again?

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