Are You Staying Away from the Pitytrain?

Are You Heading Towards the Pitytrain

Well so the first month of your new life has passed and of course this is a good day to consider how close to your new direction you are.

Of course if you look closely at the date of this post, your first question maybe this.

Where have you been igor and why have you not been posting?

As children we have a view of the world that is idealistic, no gray just black and white.

Overtime we learn to compromise and accept that sometimes conceding the argument is the best short term strategy. Of course, like many overtime this short term position becomes our long term situation and unfortunately we never look how far we have travelled.

This is a key activity for a successful life and crucially staying off the pitytrain.

Make a mark in the sand and ensure you always progress in a positive direction away from this and towards your goals.

But of course that does not answer the question I asked you to ask.

Over the last 2 years, I have as my brother put it been living as a gippo (hobo), living in other people’s spare rooms out of a holdall. Now let me explain, I work as a contractor and as a divorcee with children, the mother of my children kept the matrimonial house with my blessing.

However one decision started a sequence of events that radically changed and accelerated my plans.

I decided to attend a paid conference during March in Manchester UK which prompted me to assess my current situation.

It turns out that from my 2012 address, a spare room in Dereham UK, the journey to the event was ridiculously complicated involving infrequent buses and trains. Thus I had to move closer to a travel hub.

Was this a good time to move?

Absolutely not however this is where sometimes you just need to take your opportunities. If I allowed a financial advisor to consider this move, with my finances optimistically described as precarious I am sure they would suggest I remain where I was in 2012.

However sometimes you just have to trust your luck and accept that this is your time.

Having looked for a new spare room in the nearest travel hub town, one ad caught my eye. Instead of a room, this was for a flat, slightly more expensive and with bills not included!

Now one of my goals was to have my own place again however this was scheduled to happen after I had sorted out my finances, yet despite all the logical arguments against, this felt like the correct decision to make at this time.

Thus now I have my own place, sadly with my own bills and crucially my own address, once again.

So as this is the first of February 2013 which direction have you travelled during the first month of your new life?

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So what's your excuse again?

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