Are You Concerned?

contemplationbysea_webWhat is your passion?

What is it that make you jump for joy, spin in frustration or even explode in emotional outbursts.

In what way apart from jumping for joy does this benefit you?

The referee cannot hear your opinions neither can those television judges, so why do you provide your advice.

Of course releasing your emotions whether negative or positive is entirely healthy however why did you allow those negative emotions to ferment until they spilled over.

Currently I am reading a book titled “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” which focuses on this very topic.

There are only 2 positions of focus your mind and life can hold.

Concern or Influence.

If you are able to change the outcome then you are lucky enough to be in a position of influence, this is where your actions and opinions can alter the direction others take.

However if you are merely an attendee rather than a participant then you are limited to a position of concern, nothing you do or say really matters.

I hope you appreciate the difference, far too many do not.

In our modern world where information on almost any topic you could imagine is available, its all too easy to become concerned about topics that you have no way of influencing nor changing.

Consider the number of Facebook groups or all those topical campaigns delivered through your letter box or whilst you walk through town.

You cannot change everything in the world but that is no excuse to hide in front of the TV or PC letting the world and your life pass you by

You need to pick your fights.

What is it that your unique skills can influence?

  • Perhaps you are a great speaker, why not inspire others into action
  • Great Listeners are in high demand, give counsel to others and encourage the release of their ideas.
  • Be a shining light, use your skills to improve your life and become a beacon of hope for others.

Today, take a look at your life and consider your emotions in terms of those 2 centers of focus.

What is it that fills your mind needlessly preventing matters you can influence from being at the front of your mind.

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So what's your excuse again?

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