Are Ex-Smokers Crazy?

man-argue-alone-web_sxc_sasha-notifyIf you want to change your life you have to change your life which is a pretty obvious statement but if you ask someone why they are struggling with their goals, all too often its is down to them missing the point of this statement.

So why may you consider smokers to be crazy?

Although like me you may have never been a smoker, I am guessing you have plenty of bad habits that you would wish to remove from your daily routine. My focus is on ceasing the mocking from my clothes bag, as every time I select an item it responds with a chorus of “dream on fatty”!

Anyway lets rewind a couple of weeks to one which was a really good week for me as far as sticking to my guns went,

well up to a point anyway.

Working in a technical environment such as maintaining aircraft requires plenty of concentration and teamwork, during this week I had plenty of both however this is not a good place to be kicking habits, as I found out.

If you find your mind pre-occupied with one task then its not a position to be in when others are relying upon you to respond with the correct action.

Many demands were made that week upon my concentration from the team and yet for most of the time all I could hear was yet another chorus which went something like this:

“chocolate, beer, cola!”

Which of course meant I missed many instructions from the team or even worse could not access the lonely brain cell that contained the information required due to the noise inside my head.

If you ever see an ex-addict having an argument with themselves then they maybe just trying to convince their brain that changing their life is a good way to change their life, unfortunately staying put it a far more attractive option to our brains unless we really promote to ourselves the benefits of this change.

Unfortunately to the end of that week I struck a deal with my inner devil on the understanding that my lazy brain would shut up, if it was provided with the 3 items it kept banging on about.

Of course the battle recommenced after this deal and thus if you see an ex-addict arguing with themselves it may just be them trying to avoid striking a deal with their inner devil.

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So what's your excuse again?

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  1. Well, I’ve never been addicted to anything either Igor so I can’t relate. I’ve never known anyone either who has but I do know how it is when your mind is preoccupied and you can’t seem to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

    In you profession I can definitely see where that’s just not acceptable. I can see you now having those conversations with yourself to concentrate more. Too funny, or maybe not.

    Either way, hope all of it irons itself out. :-)

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Get A Blogger AwardMy Profile

  2. Hi there

    I’m an ex-smoker and giving up was way too hard. Whilst you’re giving up, your mind continuously tells you every couple of minutes, just one more, go on, you know you want to.

    I made a few attempts to give up but in the end I just went cold turkey, decided I didn’t want another cigarette and never looked back. I don’t really think about them any more.

    I can relate to the ‘chocolate, beer, cola’ addiction though. That’s never going to go away!

    Tim Bonner recently posted..CommentLuv Now Even Better? You Bet. How Come?My Profile

    1. Well Hello Tim, thanks for the comment, life is all about moderation but for certain foods or substances we learn that we need to stay away from them, as moderation is unlikely with these!

      Great to hear you managed to quit smoking, this is one of society conundrums, a legal substance that we all know kills its users but is allowed because of the income it generates for all involved.

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