Accepting the Compromise

dice_sxc_plrang_webNot many people share my problem and thus most do not understand that in the middle of the night, cutting off your own legs sounds like a good idea!

I am one of the few who is hyper-sensitive to insect bites, in particular cat flea bites.

This is a strange affliction as it is very selective, I have 5 children and only my oldest daughter shares this sensitivity, the rest just look on amazed as we writhe in agony when the fleas are rampant.

As a contractor I have to travel the country and lodge in other peoples houses which means adapting to their lifestyles. Now most people live a clean existence by their standards and look after their pets correctly, my most recent residence however had cats that were not interested in human interaction and thus treating them was virtually impossible.

I am not a cat hater, I admire the fact that they are fabulously ignorant, they will happily eat any food available but will not give anything in return unless they are in the mood to give it.

Their inability to treat the cats only became apparent after I had started to get bit.

As a sufferer this should have been the point at which I gave notice and moved to another address, unfortunately it is all too easy to compromise yourself in return for living in an otherwise nice surrounding. This is what I did and once you have made that first compromise you then begin to justify this mistake to yourself by creating workarounds to reduce the effects of the problem.

If you are not happy with your present situation and you cannot see a way to solve it then get help as soon as you can.

Unless you remove the small niggles as they appear they may soon become very serious problems for your health, mindset and career. My small niggle soon developed into a major issue where both my online and offline work begun to suffer as my entire routine was centred around avoiding being bitten by fleas.

If you stay in a situation similar to this for too long you run the risk of becoming anxious and even perhaps developing full blown depression. I had progressed to the stage where I was extremely anxious and unable to focus properly on my business, interestingly my skin now has become equally anxious. Whenever anything touches my shin, I get a flood of signals requesting me to go and see “what was that.”

I have now taken the action I should have taken immediately upon discovering the cats were not being treated, I no longer live at that address.

At the time of writing this post, I am staying in a Ramada hotel, I am using this as a safe haven to cleanse my belongings and myself whilst I look for another place to stay.

I am lucky my issue was fairly easy to escape from but what issues are you tolerating that really you should be sorting out?

Here’s to your success

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So what's your excuse again?

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    1. Hi Terry, great to hear from you after all you have been through, there are anti-histamines although not all work very well and when using these long term you run the risk of liver damage.

      The best option is to live where the cats are treated properly, although in spring and winter, when the cats go outside to play or the winter when the fleas are looking for somewhere warm to live, there are surges that even this treatment won’t prevent.

      Thus although I do admire cats I will have to strike them off my list when I do eventually get my own house again.

  1. Wow Igor, I’m so sorry you have to deal with hyper-sensitivity. I can’t even imagine what you must have to go through at times.

    Although one of my problems isn’t near what yours is, I inherited restless leg syndrome from my Dad. As I sit here typing this comment to you, my left leg is going 90 miles as hour. Sometimes my legs are so uncomfortable that I have to get up and walk around. It’s really unnerving when you are in the movie theater and you can’t keep you legs still. It feels like something is inside your legs crawling up and down constantly.

    There is medication for it but it doesn’t work for me. Another issue I inherited from him. Most medications that work for the majority of people have the opposite affect on me. I’ve just learned to live with it and although it’s not a constant problem that occurs every single day of my life, I never know when it will hit.

    Because I have learned to live with it, it doesn’t bother me like it use to. I honestly feel so bless that my life is as good as it is. It could be much worse you know.

    Thanks for sharing and am so glad you are now in better surroundings.

    Adrienne recently posted..Attention All Baby Boomers…It Is Never Too LateMy Profile

    1. The lucky thing about my new lodgings is that the owner has the same problem, thus her daughters cat is not allowed in the house, hooray! Great to hear your positive attitude to your situation and that you have learned to live and accept it rather than to become obsessed with finding a cure, that may not as you point out exist.

  2. Wow, two very serious issues here – high sensitivity to fleas and restless leg syndrome. I can relate to the fleas because they seem to really like me when I’m in their locale, and it’s miserable to be sure! Since I work a lot at my desk during the day at the computer, I seem to have to move the position of my legs a lot, and I wondered if I had restless leg syndrome, but after reading what Adrienne wrote, my situation is nothing like that.

    Otherwise, we both seem to control our environment quite nicely with as much control is afforded us at the moment. Those things we can’t change, we tend to accept until we are able to make a difference. Such is life!?
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    1. Restless legs is probably due to drinking too much caffeine which I have had to go cold turkey on once again! It is only when you escape the niggling environment that you realise what you had put up with.

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