A Recipe for Failure

post-it maniaIf you listen to any successful persons interview there is one constant theme to their message, it is one that they passionately wish you to absorb. They are now living a life that not so long ago only existed as a cherished vision in their mind and within their path to success, their message to you is quite simple.  If you do as they have done then its likely that  you will achieve the success you desire.

This is of course why listening to interviews and biographies are so popular….if they can do it then so can I…that is if you do not miss a step and realize what constitutes a good recipe for success.

Part of this recipe is being able to focus on a single path, being able to discard all distractions and never quitting until you achieve your goal.

If the path is a proven one and one that complements your skills, personality and resources, how could you possibly fail?

The reasons are many but all constitute part of your perfect recipe for failure and they are all hidden in that last sentence, you task is to determine what your ingredients are.

For me one very dangerous ingredient is the ability to focus on a single path.

This seems like a strange contradiction as I mentioned this is an essential ingredient for success, however for me this ability to focus on a single tasks without consideration of quitting, sits alongside a very powerful but damaging trait.

I often become very single threaded.

Let me explain.

The message that colors everything I do was developed with the help of Rich Schefren and is “Developing a Life You Can be Proud of”, this is typically called a mission statement.

I use this to guide me in everything I do, this works no matter who I am trying to help. It provides a path to follow to my cherished vision of a dream life where my house of success is complete. You and I recognize our houses need to be built upon multiple pillars which all need regular attention and progress to ensure the foundations of our success are balanced correctly, this however is where my personality gets in the way.

I can focus on a single task without deviation for a very prolonged period of time and ignore all other tasks until I either collapse or run out of things to do as this task now needs that assistance from another pillar to progress further.

This is what I mean by single threaded, the ability to over-focus on a single task to the detriment of the overall plan.

Once you admit to yourself that there are internal issues that are holding you back and that its not someone else’s fault why you are not where your vision would have you then you can begin to address and mitigate for each of these personality traits.

When it comes to being over-focused, the best way I have found is to always ensure you never just ‘wing it’ during the week. Set a review period on a specific day each week to set out your plans for the forthcoming 7 days, ensuring that all parts of your life are addressed and included. There is little point in creating the ideal plan if it bears no chance of being utilized or causes friction and problems in your life.

Once you have this plan then you need to stick to it

I am starting once again to use the Focus Booster pomodoro countdown timer, I go into greater detail about this in my Focus Booster review but to summarize, its free and the pomodoro technique is a way of increasing your activity by chunking your activity into 25 minute blocks with a 5 minute chill and review period before the cycle repeats.

The benefit is that one you get used to working in this way, the ticking sound keeps you aware of the limited time to achieve the planned activity and you can plan your weekly tasks into 30 minute blocks or multiples thereof.

This will allow you to remain focused on your single path whilst allowing you to work on each of the essential pillars for your success which should allow you to progress much quicker as there will be no need to wait for a pillar to catch up.

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So what's your excuse again?

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