Feeling loved

As I put on my shoes to head out to the doctors I felt a weird sensation of warmth come over me and it felt great. I actually felt loved and in fact it was more powerful than that because we associate love with another person so in fact it was not love I felt. […]

Going on a Diet? Don’t!

You will have read that diets don’t work and unfortunately those that hold this position are correct. By the way this also applies to your finances but we’ll get to that later. Over the last 20 years I have been both thin and fat, debt free and debt laden. Currently I am carrying more fat […]

Giving Permission

As you may already know Alan Watts asked “What is it that you desire” and with that simple question he set you on your way. A journey of self discovery and exploration which was both scary and exciting at the same time. However even if you were able to reveal the answer to this question […]

The meaning of life

Or rather the meaning of your life. If you lack real purpose in your life then what ultimately is your reason for doing anything. This lack of purpose is a harmful way of thinking and because its infectious all too rapidly it colors every decision you make. Over the last couple of weeks I have […]

Are You Concerned?

What is your passion? What is it that make you jump for joy, spin in frustration or even explode in emotional outbursts. In what way apart from jumping for joy does this benefit you? The referee cannot hear your opinions neither can those television judges, so why do you provide your advice. Of course releasing […]

Your Inner Smile

Beauty they say comes from within. You can of course like a catwalk model create an outward beauty using the skills of your dedicated makeup resources. However I find catwalk models to be unattractive despite all the fashion business hype centered around them. Now to be fair to them they exist to perform a specific […]